Law Office

Gregory J. Lake 


Statement of Services

The law practice, while including advice, counsel, document preparation, negotiations, arbitration and trial litigation, is now limited to the following areas of law:    

​Wills, Trusts, Living Will, Power of Attorney (general and medical), Estate Planning, Estate Probate, Estate Administration, Federal and Pennsylvania Estate and Inheritance Taxes, Will Contests, Asset Collection, Debt Distribution, Accountings, Beneficiary Distributions and assisting or representing Executors, Administrators, Trustees and Beneficiaries along with Real Estate sales or transfers.

Over many years, my law practice has been involved in matters that have included estates, wills, trusts, criminal law, personal injury, property damage, wrongful death, automobile accidents, slip and fall, animals, medical malpractice, defective products, copyrights, negligence, family law, divorce, custody, support, property division, real estate sales and purchases, defamation, social security, bankruptcy, collections, mortgage foreclosure, contracts, corporations, adoptions, guardianships, name changes, leases, elder law, insurance and workers’ compensation, amongst others.

This experience has proved invaluable in developing a law practice with a primary focus on an individual’s estate.  That is, an individual’s life and therefore his or her estate evolves in many areas of law.